SV SD Lock Service

SD Box Lock Service

Cadena Inc. offers professional safety deposit lock service. If you have customers who have lost their keys we can setup appointments at your customer’s convenience to drill the box open and in many cases install a new lock while the customer waits allowing them to maintain the same box number. We maintain a large variety of locks in inventory and have a high percentage of re-activation immediately after a drilling.

To maintain a high level of safety deposit box security and ensure that customers can not get back into the same opening that they no longer occupy we offer lock interchanges.

Lock Service

Drill SD boxes by appointment

Drill SD Boxes due to non-payment

SD Box hinge repair

Complete SD box cleaning to maintain a professional image

Duplicate keys through certified mail or onsite

If you need lock service, call Cadena Inc. With over 200 years of aggregate service in the financial equipment products industry we can quickly identify the required lock and if not in stock order from multiple suppliers dedicated to the Safety Deposit lock industry.

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