SR Equipment Relocation

Equipment Relocation

With today's economy it is imperative that you utilize all of the intended equipment life cycle. Cadena Inc. has experience in removal, relocation and re-deployment of products that still have serviceability left. Relocate your current products at a fraction of the cost of new purchases. Consider refurnishing the products at the same time extending the product life span, saving even more money.

All relocation planning is included in our proposal. We will survey your existing and new site and get your general contractor involved if necessary. Cadena Inc. has arrangements with general contractors and can do wall modifications, wall openings where required providing you with one point of contact to complete your work.

Relocation Services Available

  • Night depository removal and relocation
  • Safes and Safety deposit box relocation
  • Security and CCTV relocation

If you need to move to a new location call Cadena Inc. With over 100 years of aggregate service in the financial equipment products industry we have the experience necessary to relocate, re-install and make operation all your equipment.