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Let our team help your team.

With a wide range of services we are you single source for all the banking and ATM services you need.

Onsite Technical Service 

With a dedicated and experienced service workforce Cadena Inc. can provide you with the best service available. "Customer Satisfaction" is not just a catch phrase with Cadena Inc. it is our "COMMITMENT"

Service Agreements 

Cadena Inc. offers several service agreement plans based on your needs. From full coverage plans to pay as you go time and material service we can provide you with expert and responsive service.

Equipment Relocation 

Relocate your current products at a fraction of the cost of new purchases. Consider refurnishing the products at the same time extending the product life span.

Project Management

Our experience in large scale ATM deployments and full footprint security conversions will insure that timelines are met and disruption to your everyday operations is held to a minimum.

SD Lock Service 

We maintain a large variety of locks in inventory and have a high percentage of re-activation immediately after a drilling.