Frequently Asked Questions

What geographic area does Cadena Inc. cover?

Cadena Inc. relocated their administrative headquarters to Lakewood, Colorado in 2012 and we currently have Regional Operations in Lakewood, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer our products and services in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. We have arrangements with other service providers throughout the Western United States which allows us to expand beyond our coverage area.

Do you work strictly in the Financial Institution Industry?

No, many of our products apply to a wide spectrum of the commercial arena. Physical and electronic security is a need that every business should consider.

Does Cadena Inc. do home alarms?

No, we only offer our products and services to commercial industries.

Do you supply parts to other service companies?

Yes, if it is a product that we market we can ship parts to an independent service company. Sometimes the company will have to be certified in the servicing of the product, a requirement by some manufacturers.

How quickly can you respond to a service request?

Our typical response time is within four hours. Depending on the travel time from our nearest tech the time could be more or less.

Will Cadena Inc. cut duplicate safety deposit box keys by mail?

Yes, but only if the financial institution makes the request via certified mail. We will not cut keys directly for a safety deposit box renter.

Does Cadena Inc. accept credit cards?

No, all of our products and services are done business to business. Credit applications are available if you contact us via e-mail or call.

Do you have or bullet resistive products besides the drive up windows?

Yes, we have BR doors, BR pass through and bandit barrier enclosures and partitions.

How can I get more information if I have a question?

You can contact us by email or by phone that's given on our "contact" page.