About Us


Cadena Incorporated formerly known as Cadena Installations was established in April 1987. Founded by Pascual "Chain" Cadena and Betty L. Cadena they began offering their services to national vendors as an installation sub-contractor. With 19 years prior experience in the banking equipment business Cadena began installing the full spectrum of banking equipment products. The products included ATMs, modular vaults, vault doors, night depositories, drive-up equipment, electronic security and CCTV systems. They provided project management, jobsite coordination and installation scheduling on large ATM deployment projects. As a prominent electronic security contractor they specialized in large conversion projects and offered their expertise to financial institutions in a consulting capacity.

In July 2003 Cadena Incorporated began offering their services and security products directly to financial institutions and other markets in the State of Utah. They established relationships and partnerships with manufacturers and equipment suppliers and began marketing customized product solutions that meet the needs and demands of our forward looking customers.

In 2012 at request of customers Cadena Incorporated under took a rapid expansion into Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada.

Currently they have their Administrative headquarters in Golden, Colorado as well as Regional operations and maintain a Regional office in Salt Lake City, UT

With over 300 years of aggregate experience they have the necessary skill set to customize their product offerings to accommodate any equipment application the end user requires. Their flexibility and agility sets them apart from the competition.

They continue to grow their core business, Financial Institution equipment and services.

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