Cadena Inc. - Protecting Your Business

Cadena Inc. is a leading products and services provider within our core business, the Financial Institution Industry. Serving the Rocky Mountain States we offer a full range of banking products from high tech ATMs, Dispensers, Recyclers and Security to traditional Vaults, Safes and Drive up systems. We are committed to providing responsive service and innovative system design that meet our forward looking customer's needs.

With over 100 years of aggregate experience in the Financial Institution Industry our personnel are experts in system customization, configuration and design. We provide installation and on-going service of all banking products. From simple single site solutions to large scale, multi site enterprise systems we have your solution. No job is too large or too small.

Our Mission

"To serve our customers with the highest degree of respect, integrity and responsiveness. To offer product and service solutions with a commitment and high sensitivity to meeting all of our customers current and future needs. To maintain our commitment to customer satisfaction."


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